This blog mainly publishes my thought, both fiction and non-fiction.
My Name is Hilal H. Nuha, for the time being, i work as a scientist and programmer at Telkrom Institute of Technology in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. i am a member of ID-IPv6TF, a task force on IPv6 migration and implementation in Indonesia.

i choose Nuha instead of Hilal, because it’s my childhood name, it’s a good time to make this name popular again. Some of my students wrongly call my name from Hilal to Halil …T_T, WTF, if i tell them to call me Nuha, may be they will call me : Huna….sigh..

I think there have been many tutorial blog in internet, so i put a little portion of tutorial and practice, and put more portion on philosophy and theory.
i’m interested in:
– islamic shari’a
– economics
– islamic thought
– Physics
– Microelectronics
– applied mathematics
– energy
– Biology
– sci-fi
– conspiracy theory
– romance

my research area:
– computer networks
– information technology
– applied mathematics on Information Technology

my programming skill:
– java: J2ME, J2SE, J2EE
– C/C++
– matlab

if you need my skill, feel free to contact me…

just enjoy, and comment please…

or just contact me via email to


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